Triangle Boat Tours

Triangle Boat Tours


Are you still doing boat tours?

Only for a few...

  1.   I may take out a few repeat clients in April-May and Sept-Oct
  2.   Efforts that help and promote CleanJordanLake.Org 
  3.   A handful of folks left with a gift certificate 

Projects/tours I may consider:

If it promotes Jordan Lake and environmental conservation, water quality, or educating children, then email me.

Will you ever start doing tours again?

I do enjoy it.  Maybe later, but not for now…

Thank you for a wonderful 8 years!

Fair winds & following seas,  
​Captain Don

OR to schedule a birthday party for ages 1-10 at Sun Star Farm, with goats, pigs, sheep, horses, bunnies, llamas and more!

                                              NEWS FLASH FROM CAPTAIN DON....

Triangle Boat Tours is "on hold” until further notice
(except for a select few....see below).

The reason...

Simply put...I am putting my family first while my 3 kids still think I’m cool and want to hang out with me!

(Family time vs. sunset cruises/weekends just don’t mix well anymore.)


If you have a child ages 5 -14, then send them to our
Jordan Lake Boating Camp!

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